Doctor Who: Summer Cutaway (3×04)

                In 2003, two years before the hit BBC show returned to its rightful place on television, Darker Projects released the premiere episode of Doctor Who: Time Tales. It was called Grave White North, and featured Yetis, UNIT, and Mark Kalita as the Doctor’s latest regeneration. The following episodes pitted the Doctor against telepaths, Daleks, zombies, ghosts, and many more baddies.

Now, almost six years later, DP’s Doctor Who returns with a new Doctor, a new companion, and hopefully a lot of new episodes. Season Three of Doctor Who began back in 2007. Three episodes aired, featuring David Ault as Jason Tate – the Doctor in human form. At the end of the third episode, he became the Doctor again… but then the show went on a long hiatus and we were left, sadly, hanging off the edge of a cliff. Now, in this short little ‘minisode’, the Doctor and new companion Emma return to set up their third season. 

All in all, the summer cutaway is just a placeholder; The Doctor goes through the now-familiar tradition of choosing a costume, gets used to his new body, and, in general, is as giddy as a schoolboy at the thought of going anywhere and anywhen after being stuck on earth as a human for decades. As was the case with past episodes, fans of the television show will notice several well-placed references to both new and classic Doctor Who; for instance, as a fan of David Tennant’s 10th Doctor, I certainly got a giggle out of the fact that this Doctor is apparently ‘ginger’. (Still rude, though.) Also, the similarity to the end of the TV episode Family of Blood is unmistakable…

Still, it has its moments; lots of them, actually. My favourite part of the episode (aside from the Doctor using ‘pants’ as a curse word and the fact that he was, for a moment, actually considering that kilt) was the last few seconds. I had to listen to it twice, ‘cause I was laughing so hard the first time. We’ve seen (or rather, heard) David Ault play Byron, whose personality is about as sunny as a thunderstorm at midnight, and in comparison the character of the Doctor is a complete 180 change. It was entertaining to listen to. The guy is brilliant.

So, in short, Darker Project’s interpretation of this SciFi legend is definitely worth a listen. I would recommend going back and listening to the entire show from the beginning; there’s about 13 episodes, counting the first three installments of Season 3. You’ll be glad you did. Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows from DP, and I’m glad it’s finally back.


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