Star Trek: Lost Frontier

The first episode of Star Trek: Lost Frontier was released in 2007 and for some reason, I never listened to it. Probably because I was preoccupied with The Byron Chronicles, Doctor Who, and Autumn. Or maybe it was because I’m not really a Star Trek fan: I never watched the TV show and the only movie I saw was the one with the whales.

With that said, I am currently listening to the first episode of Lost Frontier, and it is brilliant. As an outsider to the show’s background and most of its mythology, I thought for sure that I’d be royally confused and altogether lost. Not so; even though “Live long and prosper” and the accompanying hand signal is the extent of my Star Trek knowledge, I wasn’t dazzled by technobabble or mystified by references to the Star Trek TV series or movies. If I had to guess, I’d say there was just enough references in there to give ‘Trekkies’ something to grin about while still making the show accessible to those of us who didn’t dream of joining Starfleet when we grew up.

One thing I did notice was the references to Star Trek: The Section 31 Files, another DP series that I haven’t listened to past the first few episodes… Yet.

The cast is noteworthy, too: David Ault, Laura Post, Mark Bruzee, Lucien Dodge, Elie Hirschman, Mark Kalita, Jim Barbour, Ben Harmer, Seth Adam Sher, and others lend their considerable talents to Lost Frontier. And did I mention that it was written by Darker Projects creator Eric Busby?

Now that the series has returned after a seven-month hiatus and rumored cancellation, it looks like there’s going to be regular updates. Until then, now would be a perfect time to catch up on the rest of the series: A manageable thirteen episodes.

I’m looking forward to listening to new episodes of Lost Frontier, a show I wish I’d started listening to a long time ago.

Until then, who knows?

I might have to go watch some Star Trek.

Geek Moment: For those of you who are fans of Joss Whedon’s Serenity, pay close attention to the background music in both the introduction and the episodes themselves… I’m sure you’ll find it very familiar.

Listen to Star Trek: Lost Frontier at .

For Darker Projects’ other (completed) Star Trek series, check out The Section 31 Files:


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