Batman: No Man’s Land

 Yet another late-in-coming review of one more brilliant Darker Projects show that I haven’t been listening to. In the months between putting my iPod through the wash and finally getting a laptop, I hadn’t been keeping up with Darker Projects as much as I wanted to…

But now, it’s catch-up time. And what better place to start than Gotham City?

In preparation for listening to Laura Post‘s adaptation of the novel Batman: No Man’s Land by Greg Rucka, I made a point of familiarizing myself with the source material — standard proceedure, for me. The book itself was absolutely brilliant, and I was eager to have my high expectations fulfilled yet again by the amazingness that is Darker Projects.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Even though only the prologue and 2 other episodes are out now, No Man’s Land already has the makings of a brilliant show. From what I’ve heard so far (The prologue and 1/3 of Episode 1) it is faithful to the source material while also making the necessary adaptations for audio drama. With the novel fresh in my mind, I can make a pretty good comparison, and the overall verdict is that if you liked the book, you’ll love Laura Post‘s version. If you didn’t like the book, listen to the DP version anyway. It’s that good.

Still, there’s bound to be some challenges ahead: For example, there’s a character in the book named Cassandra who speaks a grand total of…lets say five words throughout the course of the entire novel. That’s right, she’s mute. A mute character in an audio drama? Well, if anyone can do it, it’s Darker Projects.

Speaking of voice acting, not only did Laura Post adapt the story, she also stars in it and if I remember correctly, she is either the director or in charge of post production. Either way, it’s impressive. It also provides a very understandable explanation for why the episodes are a little slow in coming.  I think that’s the definition of having a lot on one’s plate.

All in all, if you’re a Batman fan, someone who enjoys the post-apocalyptic genre, or simply have some extra time on your hands and want to experience a little more of what Darker Projects has to offer…click the link below.


Batman: No Man’s Land:

And support author Greg Rucka by purchasing the novel from Amazon:


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