Far Horizons and Green Lantern

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This post is late. Very late. In the confusion of moving halfway across the state, I haven’t had the time to review the newest TWO offerings from Darker Projects. So, I’m going to combine the two reviews into one, because I’m still unpacking. Why is it that packing takes less time than unpacking? That just isn’t right.  

#1) Far Horizons Episode 3: Into the Unknown

IT HAS RETURNED! I remember listening to the first two episodes of Far Horizons way back when. I thought it was pretty good, but since there were only two episodes and not much actually happened in those two episodes, I didn’t really get into it much. Episode 3, however, is something else altogether.
The plot revolves around Mankind’s first contact with extraterrestrials. No, it isn’t little grey men: It’s an alien construct found drifting in the asteroid belt. This while investigating the construct, the crew of the Art Bell (named for the founder/host of the paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM) is transported to an unknown part of space.

That was where Episode 2 left us back in 2007. I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that impressed with the first two episodes. I thought it was another generic space epic. Episode 3, however, goes more in-depth as the crew explores the construct and discovers an extremely unsettling message left behind by the last sentient who set foot on board. I’m not going to give away details, but my first thought after finishing the episode was “Now we’re talkin’!” After a somewhat rocky beginning and a two-year intermission, Far Horizons has returned…and I’m excited.

Check out the return of Far Horizons, the original SciFi series by Eric Busby: http://www.darkerprojects.com/farhorizons.php#003


#2) Green Lantern 1: Blackest Night
I am going extremely out of my depth here, so bear with me. I have always been more of a Marvel fan than a DC groupie. Except Batman and the works of Alan Moore, I pretty much blew half my paycheck exclusively on Marvel comics. Therefore, I have no past experience with the Justice League, I haven’t read the series this show is based on, and the only thing I knew about the Green Lantern was that…um…he has this ring, see, and it…does stuff.


So, even though I can’t vouch for Green Lantern: Blackest Night‘s faithfulness to the source material, I can tell you with all honesty that it was definently enjoyable. Not one of the best, but how can you really tell from a 10 muinute introductory clip? Still, it made me want to go pick up the comics and see what I’m missing.

The characters are all well-cast, and despite the relatively dark subject matter, there are still some humerous moments. While this isn’t the first thing I’d recommend downloading from Darker Projects, it’s definently on the list. I’m definently anticipating episode 2 of this brand new series!


2 Responses to “Far Horizons and Green Lantern”

  1. #1) My viewpoint turns out the exact opposite. I loved the first two episodes, because there were no monsters or aliens. It was just humans, in a very disturbing situation. But now… well, it sounds like more zombies. But I’m still counting the days ’till episode four.

    #2) Haven’t heard it. I know nothing about the Green Lantern, except he has the ring… and it does stuff… and he wears a green costume. But hey, if Batman’s in it, it should be okay.

  2. leviathandances Says:

    With the exception of ‘Firefly’, I like my SciFi space epics with aliens. But, to each his own. That is an interesting perspective, and ironically enough, the reason I enjoy ‘Firefly’ so much. I never thought of it in that light. See why I like comments?

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