Star Trek: The Section 31 Files Review… Part 2 AKA Daleks and Cybermen and Borg, Oh My!

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files …Part 2!
 AKA: Daleks and Cybermen and Borg, Oh My! 

I’m going to say something now that I never thought I’d say. This is very hard for me to do, and goes against everything I believe in. I’m advising you not to listen to the third season of The Section 31 Files, if you haven’t already. Why? I’ll explain.

The story from Season 1, Episode 1 onwards has been about the disruption of the timeline, and the Destroyer. It was absolutely brilliant, and its conclusion did it justice. The myriad of tangled plot threads finally came together into one great big tapestry of epic. Season 2 wrapped the series up beautifully, and by beautifully, I mean I actually started crying when Bishop died. (Best. Last words. Ever.) Everything was tied off in a nice, neat, head-spinningly epic two-part finale, and the story could and perhaps should have ended there.

Now, don’t get me wrong: the first three episodes of Season 3 are brilliant. (Escape from Rura Penthe Parts 1, 2, and 3.) They give a little more backstory on Mak; Apparently bad things happen whenever he tries to retire and live the quiet life: Most recently, it ended with his assassination. Before that, he got stuck on a planet full of criminals and mutant cannibals, and before that…there was Rura Penthe. Those three episodes are great. The rest of the season kind of goes downhill…and I’m not the only one who’ll admit it.

Usually, in any medium, when the Daleks show up, things start getting good. Not here. Any other day, a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover would have sent me into spasms of joy; I might even have had a seizure and ended up in the hospital. Maybe that still would have happened if Season 3 hadn’t been spoilered for me by an extremely heartless person, but then again, maybe not. Sure, the thought of the Borg  in hand-to-plunger combat with Daleks is pretty epic…but after the amazing conclusion of the storyline back in Season 2, it just seems superfluous.

So, in conclusion, the Section 31 Files takes its well-earned place among the ranks of the few things to make me cry. (The others are: the Doctor Who season 2 finale, the Torchwood season 2 finale, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. (I was two! The Queen was scary, all right?) It is one of the best shows Darker Projects has to offer…right up until Season Three, Episode 4. Listen if you want to, but for the best experience possible, end the show with ‘Hour Of Judgement, Part 2′, or maybe ‘Escape from Rura Penthe, Part 3′, if like me you’re a fan of Takila Mak.

You know, everyone makes mistakes, sometimes:

Steven Sommers made The Mummy 3: Look! Jet Li!

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas made Indana Jones & The Kingdom of the Blatant Stargate Palagarism.

Chris Carter made The X-Files: I Want To Disappoint My Fans.

Fox canceled Firefly.

Eric Busby made four Section 31 episodes too many.

Let me quickly clarify.

There is one huge difference between Section 31 and the aforementioned abominations: Season 3 really isn’t all that bad. I actually sort of liked it, because, come on: It’s a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover. What’s not to like? Borg, Cybermen, Daleks…Bishop. The only problem is that it seems a bit unnecessary, and takes away from the genius, epic, utterly brilliant, tear-enducing Season 2 Finale. Other than the ‘Rura Penthe’ story, I’d say, if you absolutely love the Section 31 Files…come back to it later, after the epic feeling that comes from listning to the Season 2 finale has worn off a little bit and you’re not making comparisons.


Listen to Escape from Rura Penthe, which is brilliant, has one of my favorite Darker Projects quotes of all time (The O.S.H.A. bit), and includes a hilarious Men In Black II reference:


NOTE: A big, huge thank you to  the people who’ve been reading this blog… especially the ones from Darker Projects itself! This started out as something to relieve boredom and has now become something that other people enjoy! It really is an honor.

Just for the record, I intend to write a review for each new episode of each new show that comes out, as well as going back and doing series reviews for discontinued shows such as The Falcon Banner, Generation 1, Sword of Windsor, etc, as well as any other shows that get less ‘traffic’. Hopefully, I’ll eventually review everything… (You can imagine an evil laugh there, if you’d like…)


One Response to “Star Trek: The Section 31 Files Review… Part 2 AKA Daleks and Cybermen and Borg, Oh My!”

  1. I take responsibility for Season 3. I urged Eric to continue the series when he wanted to end it. I should have a taken a listen from The Office UK Version, which encapsulated its brilliance in 2 seasons and a special. That shoulda been what we had – 2 full seasons and one “Special” of Mak’s backstory.

    However, now that we’ve gotten to hear Lost Frontier Episode 14, we see that not all ended happily for the folks in Section 31 – I think we should’ve had the loss of the Nosferatu as a flashback leading up to this episode, and also more bits relating to the Infection: how it was released, what it did to decimate the worlds of the Federation.
    However, what’s done is done. But as you point out, we can choose to listen or not.

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