What’s Coming Up?

After some shameless self-plugging, I ended up with a boatload of requests and recommendations from people who wanted me to check out their stuff.

About 10 new shows have been recommended to me, and I intend to listen to and review each of them… eventually. For the time being, here’s my tentative list of upcoming show reviews. If you asked me for a review or recommended your show to me and it isn’t on the list below,  it’s only because I’m tackling them in the order that they were sent to me. I’ll get to them all, I promise.

Currently, I am working on reviews for Gaia’s Voyages (BSAP) and then, I’m moving to Once Upon A Time in Vegas (Pendant).

After that, in this order, are:

19 Nocturne Boulevard, selected episodes.

Twin Stars (KFAT)

The X-Files (BSAP)

Age of the Zombies (Necropolis Studios)

I’m going to post links to the shows listed above, as soon as I dig ’em out from the twisted mess that is my bookmark list.

Thank you to everyone who made suggestions, sent me links, and did some shameless self-plugging of their own. Please return the favor and spread the word about Leviathan Dances itself. Because, as you know, shameless self-plugging only goes so far…


“From here to the eyes and ears of the ‘verse, that’s my motto. Or, it will be, if I ever start having a motto.” –Mr. Universe (Serenity)


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