Leviathan Chronicles Episode 21: Enter Leviathan


Today, I experienced the unique but not altogether unfamiliar sensation of having my mind completely blown in about five different directions.

I’m struggling to find words right now. This isn’t something that usually happens to me. Well, actually, it’s been happening to me a lot in the last week, due to a combination of so many brilliant new shows to listen to, and the fact that I finally saw Torchwood: Children of Earth. But, that’s a story for another time…

Chapter 21 of The Leviathan Chronicles was absolutely brilliant. I mean, there’s no other way to put it. This series…is beyond words. Every episode includes another twist, another revelation that comes just when everything was starting to seem so clear and spins everything about. From start to finish, this episode is no exception.

Case in point: Leviathan. For 20 episodes, we’ve heard about Evangeline’s secluded fortress hidden in the deepest, darkest corner of the ocean. Episode 21 actually takes us there. 

And Leviathan is beautiful.

But wasn’t it Mrs. MacBeth who said “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it” ? This definitely applies to Leviathan and its residents. Everything that happens in this episode spins the plot and the listener’s perception of it in five different directions at once. Evangeline’s first proper appearance, Harlequinn’s true place in Leviathan, the revelation of yet another faction in the war, and the fact that Sienshun and co. might not be the heroes they claimed to be… and that’s only a fraction of what happens in Episode 21.

Everyone has an agenda. Everyone. And these agendas might not actually be what they seem. One of Evangeline’s trusted advisors is apparently plotting against her, and Evangeline…seems to be a pretty nice person (Keyword: Seems), and Macallan actually trusts her. Oh, yeah. This is definently going to end well. As for Sienshun, the leader of the Rebellion,  I’m starting to wonder (and not for the first time)  if he might not be just as bad as Evangeline, if not worse. Or maybe, we’ve got it all wrong, and Evangeline is the good one, and Sienshun is the evil, manipulative murderer. For the first time, we’re getting Evangeline’s side of the story, or part of it, at least, and I for one am not entirely sure who I’d side with. Before, everything seemed to be black and white. Now, Christof Laputka has introduced a few shades of grey.

Even the ‘rogue Starstone’ wasn’t what it seemed to be. It appears that it wasn’t malfunctioning at all, but simply doing what it was designed to do: Kill Immortals. But who designed it that way? Evangeline? Sienshun? The aliens themselves? Blackdoor? Someone else altogether? I don’t know about you, but it’s going to be bugging me until it gets resolved. That’s true for the series as a whole, though.

Another shocker in this episode came from a more…romantic angle. I’m not talking about Macallan and Tulley, since honestly, I saw that coming since around Episode 6. That was the only part of this episode that wasn’t a complete shocker. I’m talking about Evangeline and Harlequinn. The fact that they’re a couple brings up an interesting question: why, then, has Harlequinn been out of Leviathan for all these centuries? Was he secretly on a mission from Evangeline the whole time? The plot thickens further — Like pudding, but even better, because while you can only eat a cup of pudding once, it takes very little effort to click the play button and re-listen to this episode.

 Now, I’m waiting in slightly frightened suspense for Episode 22, and the unknown surprises that wait inside.


Click here to download some epic, then sit back and enjoy the ride.


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2 Responses to “Leviathan Chronicles Episode 21: Enter Leviathan”

  1. I am so ridiculously humbled. Thank you so very much.

    • leviathandances Says:

      No, thank YOU for creating Leviathan Chronicles!

      ‘Scuse me, I’m gonna go have a fangirl moment in a corner over the fact that Christof Laputka read!my!blog! 😀

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