“DP Day”

I interrupt your scheduled review blog to bring you the following bulletin: Today, September 25th 2009, is my two-year anniversary as a rabid Darker Projects fangirl.

Even though I knew the day was sometime towards the end of September, I wasn’t entirely sure about the exact date. Well, I checked my old journal and realized that I’d only barely escaped missing the date.

According  to my half-legible scribbles, I downloaded the first three episodes of Doctor Who (that’d be the Grave White North storyline) after school on the 25th.  The next four words in the journal entry are very clear, because I wrote them in all caps and made them big and bold. They say, “I LOVE DARKER PROJECTS“. Then there’s three little hearts afterwards.

Well, it’s been two years, and that statement, little hearts included, is still true.

With the realization that today is my ‘DP Day’ comes the revelation that either tomorrow or the day after will mark the day I sat down in my wobbly bedroom chair one evening after school and listened to The Byron Chronicles for the first time. It also means that in a week or two, I’ll arrive at the anniversaries of listening to Autumn, Night Terrors, Dark Matter, and Five Minute Fears, followed by Alive Inside and The Falcon Banner towards the end of October/mid November. Finally, two months ago I started listening to The Section 31 Files and Lost Frontier, just as Doctor Who started up again…the whole thing has come full circle.

Many of the events in my life, both the significant and mundane, are now associated with Darker Projects. For instance, on opening night of Romeo and Juliet, the first play I was ever in, I spent my off-stage time curled up on a couch listening to Byron Episode 6. My Sundays consisted of camping out with munchies and a deck of cards and listening to whatever DP show happened to be on my playlist at the time.  Here’s a short selection from the rest of the list…

Car trip? Darker Projects.
 Bus Ride? Darker Projects.
Study Hall? Darker Projects.
Can’t sleep? Darker Projects.
Boring class? Darker Projects.
After taking the SAT, I came down with the flu. My DVD player was broken, I’d read every book I owned at least three times, and my iPod wouldn’t turn on. What was I to do? Well, thankfully I’d made CDs of all the Byron Chronicles episodes, and the next five days were spent in happy delirium. (The delirium was because of the fever, the happy was because of TBC. Just thought I should clear that up.)

Darker Projects even influenced my college-searching process. By college-searching, I mean that I went to google, typed in the words ‘college’, ‘Portland’, and ‘Oregon’, clicked the first thing that came up (University of Portland) and said “I’m going there.” Well, unfortunately, that didn’t work out, mostly due to the fact that I looked at the price tag and ran away screaming…

Last fall, I started telling pretty much everyone I knew about how great Darker Projects was. I emailed links to people, waved CDs in their face, held out headphones to them and growled “listen to this!” until they accepted and I could pour the brilliantness straight through their ears and into their brains.

Strangely enough, most of these people are still friends with me.

I suppose what I’m trying to get at is this:  Without Darker Projects, the last two years would have been very uneventful. It is unlikely that I would have started watching Doctor Who, which I’d never heard of before…I certainly wouldn’t have started watching Star Trek, (The Section 31 Files converted me…) I wouldn’t have discovered such amazing, wonderful things as The Leviathan Chronicles and the host of other podcasts I’m currently listening to, and above all else, I wouldn’t have started hyperventilating when I walked into English class and saw the words “Lord Byron” on the whiteboard. (Yes, I knew even then that there was another Lord Byron, but still. I couldn’t help it.) There’s so much I wouldn’t have experienced and so many people I never would have gotten to know if I hadn’t gone to the podcast section of the iTunes store one day on a whim and typed in the word ‘supernatural’.

So, thank you to everyone at Darker Projects. Thank you very, very much. DP is my most favorite thing in the world. I am your biggest fan…

…but you probably knew that already.

I do tend to say it on a daily basis, don’t I?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some reviews to write.


Next Up!

Saturday: Once Upon a Time in Vegas series review!

Sunday: Lost Frontier Episode 15 review!

Monday: Gaia’s Voyages Episode 5 review!

Sorry for the delays!



One Response to ““DP Day””

  1. Funny how DP invades your life like that. I had a similar experience with Section 31 when I first moved to California. Spent LOTS of time driving initially and thus discovered the awesomeness. As you say, there are lots of memories and experiences closely associated with DP’s productions for me as well and I’m so glad I found them!

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