Once Upon a Time in Vegas – Not Your Average Fairytale

CAUTION: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS. It’s nothing major, nothing you wouldn’t have figured out anyway after a few episodes, but still. Consider yourself warned.


I want to start out by saying that I hate fairytales…especially the Disneyfied ones. The beautiful princess is rescued from her unfortunate circumstances by a handsome prince, who sweeps her off her feet and carries her away to a happily ever after. Roll credits. Gag me with a fork. My problem with fairy tales is that they’re formulaic. We know how they’re going to end every time. Also, they’re cheesy and largely misogynistic.

That’s why I like Once Upon a Time in Vegas so much. Its different. Its my kind of fairytale…

If I had to describe Vegas in a nice, concise statement, I’d probably say that it takes a few of the classic fairy tales, sticks ’em in the middle of modern Las Vegas, and adds werewolves. And sex. Lots of sex.

There are no fewer than three beautiful princesses, a wicked witch, a fairy godmother (or godfather), seven dwarves, a handsome prince, and a big, bad wolf. Well, several big, bad wolves. In short, Vegas has all the standard elements of a classic fairytale, but the way the story plays out is anything but ordinary. The handsome prince is a famous actor, the evil witch is the boss from hell, the seven dwarves are college students, and the big bad wolf is… ok, the big bad wolf is literally a big bad wolf.

Vegas tells the story of Chloe Ashton, Teri Snowdon, and Tessa Woodsman. (Yes, note the names. Names are significant here. I’ll get back to it later.) They all work for a Vegas ad agency called Premier Advertising, and their boss is an evil witch named Ginger. Chloe, one of Ginger’s secretaries, is engaged to be married to a first-class bastard named Jason, who has an accent but no common courtesy. She dreams of finding someone ‘real’ and having a permanent relationship, but is very shy and has low self-esteem. Teri is definently the oddest of the three; her position in the company is more or less equal to Ginger’s, so she’s less afraid of her and therefore takes more chances… for example, having a crush on and ultimately dating Danny, one of Ginger’s boy-toys. Then there’s Tessa, who has a cynical view of the world and a worse than cynical additude towards men and relationships.

I mentioned werewolves.

Even though the word has never actually been said in the show (so far), the truth becomes extremely evident in the first few episodes or so. I’d like to go on a great big rant here, but instead, I’ll say that in my opinion every fairytale would be improved by the addition of werewolves, and pretty much anything in general would be improved by the addition of David Ault. That is all. In short, yes, there are werewolves in Vegas, and at first, it might be difficult for the listener to determine which one of them is actually bad news.

That brings me to my next point. Nothing in Vegas is what it seems. A character might appear one way, but have a motive or personality that is completely different to the one they display at first glance. Or, they might actually be just as evil/nice as they appear. Also, everyone is connected. All the character are either working together, sleeping together, hating eachother, or all three. It’s all twisty, like Charles Dickens’ novels.

Speaking of which, (this is a brilliant segue, just watch), Vegas has one more thing in common with the works of Dickens: The names of the characters reflect, to some extent, their personalities…or at least the fairytales they’re influenced by. For example, theres Chloe Ashton (the Cinderella character), Teri Snowdon (the Snow White character), and last but not least, Tessa Woodsman. (the Red Riding Hood character.) Also, I’m pretty sure that Phillip, the Handsome Prince character in Vegas, shares a name with the prince from Sleeping Beauty. But I’ve never seen that movie, so I wouldn’t know.

Ok, I think I’ve covered just about everything now. Oh, one last thing: the music. I love Vegas’ main theme… and it’s very catchy. My question of the day is: Can I download it, and where?

So, that’s the long delayed (sorry!) review of Pendant Audio’s Once Upon a Time in Vegas. It has an amazing cast, a compelling, addicting storyline. Forget the saying “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”, because this is definently a podcast to tell your friends about… just, not your younger, impressionable friends, because it is R-rated.

My final words of advice: Listen after the credits on Episode 5. I can’t tell you why, because it would spoil the surprise. Just do it.

Click here to enjoy Once Upon a Time in Vegas, or, as usual, get it from iTunes!


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6 Responses to “Once Upon a Time in Vegas – Not Your Average Fairytale”

  1. Colin Kelly Says:

    You can Download “The Fairytale Waltz” at Kevin Mcleod’s website


    -Colin, the crazy seventeen-year-old of the pendant ether.

  2. Thanks much for the review, glad you enjoyed the show!

  3. Rene Christine Jones Says:

    Thank you so much for your review! I’ll be blushing for days!

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