Stir Fry : Philanthropy, Behind the Scenes, and Blogs

This post will be like stir fry; many different ingredients tossed together in a pot and cooked over an open flame. Ok, that’s a lie. There will be no fire. I will now pause the blog so that all the pyrophiles in the audience can go home. …

Right then. To business.

I’m taking a slight departure from Audio Drama (Yes, I do engage in other forms of entertainment!) to talk about two things which are brilliant and not completely off-topic: 1. Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy,  2. Blogging, and 3. Behind the Scenes at Darker Projects

Yes. I’m going to blog about blogging… but only a little, and in an epic way.

Both of these things tie back in to Audio Drama, actually. It’s like a segue, but not really. (I don’t know why I’ve become so obsessed with segues. I guess it’s because they have absolutely nothing to do with segways. Yes, that must be it.)  Actually, it isn’t a segue. I just like the word.

1. Metal Gear Solid : Philanthropy

I love movies. I love them a lot. Well, I love good movies. I also like video games. Unfortunately, the words “good”, “video game” and “movie” rarely ever appear in the same sentance, unless that sentance is “Gee, I wish someone would make a good video game to movie adaptation…” and is followed by a wistful sigh. Well, Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy does just that… and it isn’t some big, Hollywood blockbuster, either. It was made by a group of college students. Without a budget. And it’s non-profit. And it is, in a word, amazing. Did I mention the fact that it is absolutely amazing? No? Really? Well, it is. I was completely in awe. Can anyone say “high production values?” Giacomo Talamini, (producer/director/star of the film) and the rest of the people behind MGSP certainly can.

I’ve never played any of the Metal Gear games, and in fact, the only thing I knew about them was that… um…there’s this guy named Snake. Yeah. Even so, the movie made perfect sense to me, even though I spent the whole hour completely incoherant due to an overload of epic. Now, here’s the part where MGSP ties back in to Audio Drama — it was originally filmed in Italian, and then dubbed over in English. Two names in particular stand out from the cast list… Lucien Dodge and Laura Post! Yes, that’s right: There are a couple familiar voices in this film. Actually, the fact that these two people add their considerable talents to the film is the only reason I heard about it in the first place, and one of the biggest reasons I ended up watching it. It’s like when the Lord of the Rings trilogy was coming out, and I methodically tracked down and watched pretty much every single film starring an actor from Lord of the Rings, only with DP people.

Also: I may have mentioned this before, but I always pay close attention to the music, whether I’m watching TV or a movie or listening to an Audio show. The music from Philanthropy is just as stunning as everything else about it. I absolutely love it.

So, even if you’re not a Metal Gear fan, check out MGS Philanthropy, and you’ll become one. It can be found at . The film can be downloaded or streamed from the site.


2. Blogging

I started this blog because I was bored, and because I needed to rant about how amazing Darker Projects is. I was hesitant to do so, because it seems like everyone and their mother has a blog these days. Well, now I’m certain of it: everyone is blogging. Even… wait for it…


Yes, the Pale Man of Portland has his own blog. Written by series creator Eric Busby from Byron’s perspective, the entries are sure to entertain fans of the show who, like me, go completely insane in between installments. There have been two posts so far, the first entertaining and the second a little darker… still, finding out that this existed made not only my day, but my entire week. If you’re a fan of The Byron Chronicles, then click the link for some epic. I really hope that this keeps going, since I like seeing what happens in between the actual episodes, if you know what I mean.

Byron’s Blog:


3. Behind the Scenes at Darker Projects

I found this strange little… series during the summer between the first and second seasons of The Byron Chronicles, which is when I basically went through and downloaded everything from the Darker Projects website and listened to it. Basically, each episode is a little one-sided interview of sorts with one of the dark all-powerful beings who make Darker Projects happen. Writers, actors, producers…  some are informative, all are entertaining, and the chance to take a peek at the men and women behind the curtain is intriguing. Now, if only they could turn down the background music a little bit… hm. There are currently thirteen episodes out, containing ‘interviews’ with: Judah Friese (Section 31, Lost Frontier), Elie Hirschman (Lost Frontier, et. al.), Mark Bruzee (The Byron Chronicles, ), Paul Mannering  (Author) , Alexander Davis, Fiona Conn (Doctor Who, The Byron Chronicles),  Shire Smith (The Byron Chronicles), David Ault (The Byron Chronicles, Doctor Who), Clym Angus (The Falcon Banner), Matt Manning, Chris Snyder (The Falcon Banner, The Section 31 Files), Laura Post (The Byron Chronicles, The Falcon Banner), Christopher Patrick Lydon, (Author of ‘The Falcon Banner’), Eric Busby, (Darker Projects creator) and others. If you want to take a behind-the-scenes look into the strange and mysterious inner workings of Darker Projects, then click the link –> and enjoy.


That’s all I’ve got for now. There were reviews I’m supposed to be doing… but this pesky thing known as life smacked me upside the head with a flyswatter and threatened to leave me and take the dog with it if I didn’t start paying more attention to it. I think it may have even started crying. I had to give in. I had to… but only temporarily!


Random Link : Look, DP stuff! Wearable DP stuff! For the win! But… where’s the shirt with the logo on it? I need a new one, as mine has fallen apart. Also: What about Section 31 and Byron shirts? I know I’d buy ’em…


4 Responses to “Stir Fry : Philanthropy, Behind the Scenes, and Blogs”

  1. SAm. me like this. keep writing?

  2. What happened to ST LF review being next? I guess it got pushed back again LOL… Keep up the good work. 🙂

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