Far Horizons 1×05: The Derelict AKA Why Space Zombies > Earth Zombies

I’m here today to talk to you about zombies.

There’s something for everyone in a zombie movie. For those who delight in blood ‘n guts, there are always entrails flying left and right. For those who pay attention to inter/intrapersonal relationships, rest assured that the scriptwriter will have thrown in some romantic angle, or something equally ridiculous. For those who only bought a ticket to see the explosions, there’s sure to be at least one really big one resulting in the Flaming Hordes of the Undead rampaging through the ruined streets of whatever major population center the movie is set in. I go to see zombie movies because they make me laugh, usually at the stupidity of the survivors.

I really like zombie movies. They’re funny. (Except for Night of the Living Dead, which was made back in ’68 and is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen in my life.)

You know what isn’t funny, though? Zombies in space.

If the dead start coming back to life on a spaceship, what, exactly, are you going to do about it? You can’t run and hide, since there’s only a limited amount of room on a spaceship. There’s also only a limited amount of supplies and weapons, and there’s no way to get more of these things while stranded out in the cold, black vacuum of space. It’s all just a waiting game when the undead rise in a spaceship. This is why space zombies are infinitly more creepy than earth zombies. And when they’re alien space zombies… ‘scuse me, I need to turn some lights on.

This is why the current installment of Far Horizons gave me the shivers. I’ll get back to the zombies later, though.

The episode begins in the third week of the Art Bell’s voyage home. They have no idea where they are, and suspect that they’ve traveled even further away from Earth after multiple Gate jumps cause them to end up in an area of space with no familiar constellations to navigate by. The Host, downloaded from the first Warp station, is their only form of guidance. All the planets they’ve passed have been utterly destroyed, presumably by nuclear war, and every Gate station they encounter is deserted and dead. They are completely alone.

Then, a Warp jump lands them on the fringes of the galaxy. They’ve barely arrived when out of nowhere, a proximity alarm begins to blare as an unknown object is discovered directly in their path, orbiting around the station. (This is very similar to something that happened to me yesterday while biking in the snow, only my ‘evasive manouvers’ included more screaming  and a tree instead of a derelict spaceship. Still, very similar.) Well, it turns out that the mysterious spaceship wasn’t playing a game of deep-space chicken with them after all; there are no lifesigns on board. It’s dead in the water.

A handful of crew members decide to investigate the ship, which the Chief identifies as a Korsavan Saber, in order to learn more about the Korsavan’s ships in case they encounter the race again, and to see if there’s anything to salvage. Once onboard, they discover that the ship is full of long-dead bodies, that were killed not with weapons but with teeth.

After discovering a creepy message written on the wall in blood (Which fans of The Byron Chronicles and the horror genre in general know is never a good thing) the dead bodies begin to rise and say other extremely creepy things.

 Then the episode ends with a nice cliffhanger. Well, when I say ‘nice’, I mean ‘not nice.’ And when I say ‘not nice’, I mean ‘next month had better get here very quickly’. Zombie battle in SPACE!

Overall, great episode. I like the newer episodes much better than the originals (which I need to re-listen to, to clear a couple things up and refresh my memory) and I’m excited for the next installment. Bring on that space-zombie audio crack!


Download Far Horizons Episode 5: The Derelict by clicking here, or by going to the usual suspects…enjoy.



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