Red Sands Investigations : Pendant’s New Original Series!

Detective shows always make me feel like an idiot.

Same thing goes for mystery novels; when the plot is unfolding, I think I know exactly what’s going on, and I feel so very clever, but then the resolution comes and everything is revealed and the answer always, always, always ends up in a completely different zip code from my original prediction. Everything seems so simple, too, once they explain it…

Despite my long-lasting petty feud with detective stories, Red Sands Investigations, the promising new mystery series from Pendant audio, was actually a great listen.

The story follows Carla Marley, niece and heir of private detective Jim Marley, who comes to the city of Red Sands to put her uncle’s affairs in order after his death. Instead of selling the property as she had planned, however, she ends up following in her uncle’s footsteps and decides to take over his business. There’s no shortage of opposition, however, especially from Jim Marley’s old competitor, Nick Flint. Interestingly enough, the series is narrated by… Jim Marley, which is strange, considering the fact that he’s dead. Whether this is just a plot device or if its hinting at some supernatural element is yet to be determined.

While the first case covered in the series was a relatively simple matter of suspected infidelity, the writers still managed to throw in a convincing plot twist to keep things interesting. There was plenty of excitement even though the case wasn’t high-profile. I’m looking forward to following future cases, despite my gradually lessening dislike for the genre.

Red Sands Investigations had another aspect which endeared it to me; In most detective shows/novels that I’ve watched/read, it seems like whenever there’s a problem, someone pulls out the Whatever Device or turns on the Magic Problem-Solving Computer Program of Win. Well, this detective agency doesn’t have any of that. Their office doesn’t have a computer, and all of their files are stored on hard copy. When a problem arises, they solve it the old-fashioned way. That made me happy, because while a little technobabble is good for the soul, sometimes it can seem like Convenient Device X is pulled out to solve writer’s block, not the actual case. I’ve done it more than once. So, props to writer/director Fiona Thraille for eschewing the gadgets and going for the good old-fashioned approach.

The first episode, “The End of the Pier Show”, was released on October 12th, and the release date for Episode 2, entitled “Keep it Hidden”, is listed as November 9th. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where this show is headed in the future.  

Download Episode 1 of Red Sands Investigations  here , or from iTunes, etc., and enjoy.

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  1. Glad you liked it, chicken..

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