The Byron Chronicles 2×07: Dracula, Part 2 AKA The Beginning of the End

… although I’ll try to keep both to a minimum.


The Byron Chronicles Season 2 started a little over a year ago, back in September 2008. I was overjoyed, because after listening to the Season 1 finale, I honestly believed that the show was over and done with. Now that a year has gone by and Season 2 is rapidly approaching its close, I’ve realized something that I never really consciously thought about before: I’ve become very emotionally attached to these characters.

It happens with pretty much all of the shows I follow, on television or otherwise. After over two years of rapt listening and rabid obsessing over The Byron Chronicles and related characters, I’ve come to the conclusion that if this season ends the way I think it’s going to end, I’ll be in tears.  More on that later, though, down in the section marked “wild theories”; I just felt I should bring it up right in the beginning, so that later when I mention being emotionally traumatized while listening to Dracula, Part 2, you’ll understand why.

The episode begins pretty much where Part 1 left off; Chris, Byron and Katharine are more or less prisoners of Demitri and company,  and are locked up in a room waiting, as we are, to find out what’s going to happen next. Since there’s nothing else to do, it’s the perfect time for some backstory, whether Byron likes it or not. At Katherine’s insistence, he reluctantly continues the story of his encounter with Mina Dracula in Bar Harbor, Maine.  

This definitely an episode I would recommend listening to without looking at the cast list first, because even a few nice little shockers will be a bit spoiled. Also, reading this before listening is a great way to accomplish the same thing, but hey; I warned you.

There are a couple characters that are introduced and re-introduced in this episode, and both instances caused my head to spin a little, like a ballerina playing with a top on a merry-go-round.  Clym Angus Dodds joins the cast as the most famous vampire of all time: Count Dracula himself.  I was thinking that since they’d already introduced Mina Harker as Dracula that the Count himself wouldn’t actually be making an appearance. Let’s chalk that up on the list of things I’ve assumed about this season that have ended up being completely wrong, shall we? Another semi-familiar character also pops back up in this episode; Branlaven, that melodramatic, insane, rush-manufacturing sewer-dwelling vampire who made his first appearance way back in Season 1 Episode 3 turns up as one of Dracula’s followers.

The way so many seemingly incidental characters are making surprise reappearances, it makes me wonder who’ll be next: Caduceus? Max the demon? There have been vague rumors that Jo Penny will be coming back in some respect, although I’m not sure how that’ll work since she was killed in the season premiere… but getting killed didn’t stop Katherine from coming back, so we’ll see.

The overall impression I got from this episode was that it was a bit like The Two Towers:  It’s epic in its own right, but we all know that it’s really just building up to the big, shiny fanfare that’s sure to follow. There’s a story to be told, and there’s space for a few surprises and epic moments, but it’s really all leading in to the conclusion. That doesn’t make it any less brilliant, mind you–it’s just the way it felt while listening to it.

Now, this is the point at which the wild theories and my emotional trauma begin. I have spent the second half of the second season convinced that Chris Sparrow is going to die. It seems logical, since according to series creator and writer Eric Busby, Season 3 is going to be much, much darker… and what better way to make Byron turn to the dark side than to kill one of the few people in creation he actually cares about?  This theory was reinforced further for me by the very last line of the episode; as soon as Byron explained why Dracula was coming to kill him, it was like someone lit up a big neon sign which read, “R.I.P CHRIS SPARROW, YOU WILL BE MISSED.” For now, though, we’ll just have to wait and see, but I know I’ll be keeping a box of tissues handy. As I mentioned before, I’m very emotionally attached to these characters.

 So, in short, listening to this episode made me even more excited for the next episode (and the holiday specials, but that’s another story for another time), but it also made me a little sad inside. For once, I’m actually hoping that my theory is completely off the mark…


Listen to The Byron Chronicles 2×07: Dracula, Part 2 by clicking the following link, or by going through the middlemen known as iTunes and the Zune Marketplace. THIS IS A LINK. CLICK IT.


3 Responses to “The Byron Chronicles 2×07: Dracula, Part 2 AKA The Beginning of the End”

  1. I hope I provided you with a sense of willful unease. (at least in the Byron chronicles any way) Without fans like you, many of us, are just shouting into the wind.

    we love this story. As you type your love so we express it in our acting.

    • leviathandances Says:

      All the work that gets put into this and other productions certainly shows in the final product. I’m just glad I can be a part of it all, even in such a small way.

      And yes. Dracula creeped me out. Congratulations…

      • Sorry, I could have written that better. Allow me to embellish, with something that actually makes sence; People assume there’s this big machine behind it all. Like most of the good stuff on the net its one or two people with passion pushing it forward.

        Then lots of occassionals (like me) doing what I’m told (and having a monumental amount of fun into the bargain) I’m glad you liked the episode. And never underestimate your input. One of the only things keeping anyone doing anything in this world is a modicum of appreciation coming from some where.

        Oh by the way, from the little information I do have Drac hasn’t killed Chris, yet. But then I haven’t done (or seen) a death scene for our fun loving fangster yet eather. So it’s all still to play for.

        As an aside Erics a cool dude, and David consistantly out acts me in every scene. Darn. Don’t worry I get better. 🙂

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