Gaia’s Voyages, Episode 6 – Episode Review!

Valentines Day has come early, and thank goodness too; I’m not big on Christmas or even Thanksgiving, free food and presents notwithstanding. Of course, Valentines day would be depressing for dateless ‘ol me, if it weren’t for the fact that I get to point at everyone wearing red shirts and snigger about their immanent doom like the blood-crazed Star Trek fangirl I am. Oh, and the chocolate is nice too.

I digress, but only a little, since the most recent episode of Gaia involves love, hormones, and yes, Valentines’ cards with sparkles. More on that last one later. (Not much later, though; bit of a short review this time.)

The episode opens with everything back to relative normal onboard Gaia; no one is injured or dying, but if the tension between characters such as Mycroft and Armarok (or Armarok and everyone, for that matter…) continues, then things won’t remain that way for long. Matters aren’t helped by the fact that everyone seems to want to challenge Mycroft to a duel, and that the variety of different species onboard the sentient vessel have an equally varied methods of flirting, some of which are disturbing while others are just downright gross. On the other hand, things take a turn for the musical when Andre seranedes his lady love… in a Muskateer costume.

Personally, the episode had two highlights for me, apart from the singing: 1) Natty giving everyone Valentine’s cards, including a nice sparkly pink one for the Vengari assassin Armarok, right before she ‘adopts’ him and provides hugs and kisses. 2) The end of the episode, which involves Commander Mycroft preparing for a duel, with a little help… but I’ll leave that bit spoiler-free and let you all enjoy it for yourselves… mmhmm.


Despite the fact that this episode might seem to be simply lighthearted and hilarious, there are several important bits that will be referenced later on in the series…the scene between Natty and Armarok, as adorable as it was, will apparently be very important round about the season finale, and the scene between Desdemona and Undomo explains a bit about the Thylora race. Hooray for girl talk!

And speaking of lots of love and Valentines day and things of that sort, I feel I should point out that David Ault, the talented voice behind characters such as Gaia’s Commander Mycroft Beckert and the one and only Byron,  in addition to waaaay too many other roles for me to mention here, just celebrated his birthday on November 19th. So, happy birthday (again) David!

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Go download the episode and listen to it, since that’s generally what you do with brilliant audio drama. Click this link right here… Or, you know, download from iTunes or the Zune marketplace or from wherever you get your scheduled doses of audio crack!

This review was brought to you by late nights and caffiene. Molto Bene!


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