TWILIGHT THEATRE – Sides & Outside the Box

As always, here there be spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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I’m baaaaaaack, and while I say this EVERY time, I hope it’s for good. I’m working through the backlog of stuff that started piling up after school and finals put a bag over my head and dragged me kicking and screaming into the dark netherworld of academia…


On the docket today is Brokensea‘s “Twilight Theatre”, a show that’s shaping up to be a really cool anthology of science fiction and horror one-shots. I heard about it from my good friend Chris Barnes, aka “Scottish Chris”, who voices the incredibly creepy ‘Usher’ in the opener, as well as additional character voices. (Needless to say, he’s been “reminding” me to review it for some time now – SORRY CHRIS!)

The first story to grace Twilight Theatre is called “Outside the Box”. Adapted from the short story by author Lynne Jamneck, “Outside the Box”  is an interestingly mixed combination of SciFi elements and noir-style storytelling. The narrator is a hard-edged female P.I named Fin, living and working in the California of 2027. Fin is hired by a woman named Stella to find her missing McCallister box – a technological marvel that can hold anything, big or small – that contains her dreams.

I have to admit, the ending of this one confused me until I tracked down the pdf of the original story. This was no fault of the superb retelling by the folks at Brokensea… Its the exact same reason that O. Henry’s stories always confused me back in school. I loved them, but I had to do some re-reads before I figured out what happened in the last two sentences. “Outside the Box” is a lot like that – I’m still not entirely certain whether or not the events of the story were actually happening, or whether they were a dream from the box. I’m inclined to go with the latter, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. In any case, it’s worth a re-listen or three.
“Sides” is a tale with a much heavier SciFi aspect. I’ll admit, my first thought when I started listening to this one was, “Oh God, please don’t let the entire thing be narrated by this robotic voice.” It wasn’t, and I have to admit, it was a really cool intro/outro. I was just really worried there for a second.
Adapted from an audioplay by Mike Murphy, “Sides” tells the story of Trevor Lloyd, an accomplished and talented spy for a party known only as The Confederation. The opening scene finds him in a cell in an enemy facility. The enemy, or The Alliance, wants not only the knowledge in his head, but for him to change sides and become spy for them. They try every tactic, from starvation to threatening him with an angry mob, but the ultimate test of Trevor’s loyalty comes from an unexpected source.
The story had a great twist ending, even though I was admittedly able to guess the last bit after the big reveal. The fact that it was his own people, the Confederation, who had locked him in the cell and tortured him was a complete shocker, however, and it was very well done. In the end, Trevor decides to actually switch sides because he doesn’t want to work for someone who doesn’t trust his loyalty. It’s a great ending, if a little predictable, but very well played.
I really enjoy anthology-style shows such as this one, and DP’s ‘Night Terrors’. While I like the continuity of ongoing series, there’s no denying the fact that the variety and freedom to to pretty much anything from episode to episode is pretty exciting. There’s no knowing what the next episode of  Twilight Theatre will be, but based on their current record, I’m not worried. So, here’s to more creepy, SciFi fun in the near future!
Listen to Twilight Theatre here! Don’t forget to download!
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Planning that far ahead is giving me a headache. My uncertain internet connection and the need to find  a job and a place to live before August means that the update schedule might be a little spotty, but I’ll try to get at least one post up every other week.

One Response to “TWILIGHT THEATRE – Sides & Outside the Box”

  1. Chris Barnes Says:


    Thanks for the review! Paul Mannering did a great job of the adaptation of the original short story by Lynne and it was an honour to be given the role as ‘Meat’

    Keep listening as there are many, MANY surprises in store for the rest of the season.

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