Return of the Blog


This is so terrible.

I’m not even going to make any excuses, but since I recently went from working 45hrs a week to working 3 hours a week, I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough time to resume THE BLOG.


Up first is the Gaia’s Voyages Mega-Review for the WONDERFUL Elaine Barrett, who consistently reminded me all throughout my hiatus that I was supposed to be reviewing.

Well, it’s not here NOW, sheesh. But I’ll be working on it this weekend – check back on Monday 11/29 at the latest! … and I’m serious this time.

So, the long and short of it is, this is the official announcement of my return to the audio drama blogosphere. Sláinte.

Ooh, it’s good to be back.




2 Responses to “Return of the Blog”

  1. YAY! The Blog Lady is about to earn her fangirl badge back!

  2. Just wondering if your going to do another review any time soon. Its Feb now and its been a while since we got a review from you. May I suggest the new Section 31 files episode, or perhaps the new lost frontier. 🙂

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