About Leviathan Dances… And Audio Drama

In the beginning, the Internet was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

That actually isn’t altogether true. I just wanted to quote Douglas Adams.

I like the Internet because a) it’s a procrastination tool, and b) it’s got loads of nice stuff on it. Actually, points a and b are related, and somewhat redundant, but nevermind that. I’m here to point out with a nice, large neon arrow a slightly overlooked area of the Internet. This is funny, because this area predates the Great Series of Tubes by almost fifty years, depending on when you think the Internet was created*.

I’m talking about audio theater.

What is audio theater? Well, in the dark ages, before there were televisions, people had this thing called the radio. Families would sit around it every evening and listen to a cheesy narrator recounting the exploits of The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Buck Rodgers, and etc. In short, Audio Theater is television without the pictures. Gasp.

Well, lots of things have changed since those good-old black-and-white days of masked vigilantes and space cadets. Strangely enough, both of those things still exist in pretty much every media imaginable, but many things about today’s audio drama is different.

The audio drama that is currently available out there on the Vast Glorious Internet has very little in common with the old-style radio broadcasts. For one thing, these shows are on the internet, not the radio. (Well…yeah.) For another, there is no cheesy narrator, and the acting/writing/sound effects/music is actually good. No offense to the 50’s and 60’s, but seriously now. Talk about low production values.

Current creators of audio drama provide (usually) free, high-quality, wildly addictive productions available by direct download from their respective websites or through the iTunes Store or the Zune Marketplace, or any number of other sites.

LEVIATHAN DANCES is a blog dedicated to reviewing and occaisionally ranting about various audio drama productions from several big names, and a few that are on their way to…bigness. I’m a complete audio junkie, and this is nice way for me to provide an outlet for my nerdy rants while giving feedback to the people who actually do the hard work of creating the shows we listen to. Two years ago, I stumbled on a group called Darker Projects, and fell instantly in love with their shows, and with audio drama in particular. (Actually, the seemingly strange name for this blog came from one of their shows…)

There’s no end to the amount of great stuff that’s out there…so, to remain sane and provide a modicum of organization, I’m only going to cover audio from genres such as fantasy, science fiction, horror, drama, etc…unless something wonderful catches my eye.

I’ve blabbed on enough; I tend to get that way when talking about my absolute favorite subject. Why don’t I shut up for a while and let you see (and hear) for yourself?

If you’re new to all this, I suggest checking out the following groups/individuals which represent just a small cross-section of the field of audio drama.

www.darkerprojects.com — SciFi, Drama/Horror, Fantasy.

www.brokensea.com — SciFi, Fantasy

www.pendantaudio.com — Drama, SciFi, Fantasy…as well as some Shakespeare and superhero adaptations.

19 Nocturne Boulevard — Standalone stories in the Fantasy, Horror, and SciFi genres…with some comedy thrown in.

The Leviathan Chronicles — the awesome SciFi/Drama premier series from author Christof Laputka.


*Personally, I think the Internet was grown in a test-tube by a race of hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings. They’re using it to find the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. … see, now this page is bookended by Hitchhiker’s Guide references. I feel a sense of accomplishment.


13 Responses to “About Leviathan Dances… And Audio Drama”

  1. To put it in simple terms, audio drama rocks for one major reason: you can listen to all sorts of awesome shows while at school or at work, and not get in trouble for being on Facebook or Youtube or some porno site. To paraphrase Laura Ingraham, it’s my “healthy [audio] addiction.”

    • leviathandances Says:

      Healthier and more legal than drugs or alcohol, easier to explain than porn, and a very easy way amuse yourself in boring classes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you… Audio Drama. People knew this back in the 40’s and 50’s, but as soon as the TV was invented, we sort of forgot about it in favor of the pretty pretty lights and moving pictures. Hooray for the return to audio!

  2. Michael Hudson Says:

    Here’s some suggestions for other shows to listen to :

    Stargazers : http://www.gypsyaudio.org/stargazers/ (1 Episode)
    Tom Crean : http://imaginationlane.net/tomcrean/ (1 Episode)
    Age of the Zombies : http://ageofthezombies.necropolisstudioprod.com/aotz.html (3 Episodes)
    Escape from New York : http://brokensea.com/efny/ (4 Episodes)
    X-Files : http://brokensea.com/thexfiles/ (5 Episodes)

    Hope you enjoy them.
    Please note – Escape from New York is NOT family friendy

    • leviathandances Says:

      Thank you much… apparently this blog gets more traffic than I thought, because counting your suggestions, about 10 new shows have been recommended for me to listen to… looks like I’m going to be busy. 😀 Thanks for the new material!

  3. Mark D. Wrenchild Says:

    Thank you very much for your kind and generous review of Dead Time. And just for you, watch out for another Lord Byron reference in a future episode. 😉

  4. Review suggestion:

    You can download the radio play of my story “The Resident Member” here:

  5. I noticed on the audio drama talk website that you were looking for new shows to listen to. I wanted to give you a link to mine, http://www.thezombiepodcast.com . Check it out, you won’t be disappointed-

  6. An audio drama I wrote was just released this week. UNTOLD: ALLIANCES is a science-fiction/fantasy taking place in an alternate earth-history. It’s available for free at http://www.spiritblade.net/alliance (scroll down) You can also check it out directly at http://www.archive.org/details/UntoldAlliances . I hope you can get to it and enjoy it! Thanks for all you do here!

  7. Was wondering if you ever gave us a try? I know you couldn’t promise WHEN, but was curious if you already listened.

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