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Return of the Blog

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This is so terrible.

I’m not even going to make any excuses, but since I recently went from working 45hrs a week to working 3 hours a week, I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough time to resume THE BLOG.


Up first is the Gaia’s Voyages Mega-Review for the WONDERFUL Elaine Barrett, who consistently reminded me all throughout my hiatus that I was supposed to be reviewing.

Well, it’s not here NOW, sheesh. But I’ll be working on it this weekend – check back on Monday 11/29 at the latest! … and I’m serious this time.

So, the long and short of it is, this is the official announcement of my return to the audio drama blogosphere. Sláinte.

Ooh, it’s good to be back.





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EDIT: Haha, I got fired. New posts coming soon.

Ok, here’s the deal:

I recently got a job with an environmental protection group called Environment Minnesota, as part of their fundraising team. It’s a fun, challenging job, but it really eats up the day. I leave home at 10am, and I don’t get back until around 11pm, sometimes later. I have one other writing project apart from this blog, and both of them are going to have to briefly take a back burner so I can handle everything else that’s suddenly going on in my life.

For a variety of complicated reasons, I am no longer eligible for financial aid for college, and I need to work as much as I can and save up to hopefully go back to school in 2011. I’m going to try to work on the blog and write as many reviews as I can, but working a 10 hour day and still having to make room for all the necessary household chores and, of course, eating and sleeping, is really going to limit my window of writing opportunity. I have a couple reviews (Leviathan Chronicles, Gaia’s Voyages, The Byron Chronicles) that were in various stages of completion when I got the job. I’m working on those a little at a time whenever I have a few spare minutes, but there’s no way I can take on any new projects and remain sane.

The good news for those of you who enjoy reading this blog is that this job has a ridiculously high turnover rate. There were six of us in my training group. Of those six, only one person besides myself managed to last out the week and become a full-fledged staff member. The money is pretty good, though, so I’m going to keep it as long as I can. Still, the fact remains that my employment situation is very precarious. (Fun Fact: The average employee’s “lifespan” is 2 to 3 weeks.) Its very possible that I could be back doing the whole reviewing thing sometime this week. Or, I might make it until August. No one knows… but I’m going to try to finish and post the reviews I’ve been working on, so that we avoid the internet equivalent of dead air.

I do, however, want to assure everyone that I absolutely love writing these reviews, and I have no intention of giving it up any time soon… especially since “Leviathan Dances” is swiftly approaching it’s first birthday. (*sniffle* They grow up so fast…)

So, in short, Happy 4th of July / National Explosion Day / Annoy Your Neighbors Day / Blow Sh*T Up Day / Etc.

Regular programming will (hopefully) resume shortly.


Stir Fry : Philanthropy, Behind the Scenes, and Blogs

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This post will be like stir fry; many different ingredients tossed together in a pot and cooked over an open flame. Ok, that’s a lie. There will be no fire. I will now pause the blog so that all the pyrophiles in the audience can go home. …

Right then. To business.

I’m taking a slight departure from Audio Drama (Yes, I do engage in other forms of entertainment!) to talk about two things which are brilliant and not completely off-topic: 1. Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy,  2. Blogging, and 3. Behind the Scenes at Darker Projects

Yes. I’m going to blog about blogging… but only a little, and in an epic way.

Both of these things tie back in to Audio Drama, actually. It’s like a segue, but not really. (I don’t know why I’ve become so obsessed with segues. I guess it’s because they have absolutely nothing to do with segways. Yes, that must be it.)  Actually, it isn’t a segue. I just like the word.

1. Metal Gear Solid : Philanthropy

I love movies. I love them a lot. Well, I love good movies. I also like video games. Unfortunately, the words “good”, “video game” and “movie” rarely ever appear in the same sentance, unless that sentance is “Gee, I wish someone would make a good video game to movie adaptation…” and is followed by a wistful sigh. Well, Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy does just that… and it isn’t some big, Hollywood blockbuster, either. It was made by a group of college students. Without a budget. And it’s non-profit. And it is, in a word, amazing. Did I mention the fact that it is absolutely amazing? No? Really? Well, it is. I was completely in awe. Can anyone say “high production values?” Giacomo Talamini, (producer/director/star of the film) and the rest of the people behind MGSP certainly can.

I’ve never played any of the Metal Gear games, and in fact, the only thing I knew about them was that… um…there’s this guy named Snake. Yeah. Even so, the movie made perfect sense to me, even though I spent the whole hour completely incoherant due to an overload of epic. Now, here’s the part where MGSP ties back in to Audio Drama — it was originally filmed in Italian, and then dubbed over in English. Two names in particular stand out from the cast list… Lucien Dodge and Laura Post! Yes, that’s right: There are a couple familiar voices in this film. Actually, the fact that these two people add their considerable talents to the film is the only reason I heard about it in the first place, and one of the biggest reasons I ended up watching it. It’s like when the Lord of the Rings trilogy was coming out, and I methodically tracked down and watched pretty much every single film starring an actor from Lord of the Rings, only with DP people.

Also: I may have mentioned this before, but I always pay close attention to the music, whether I’m watching TV or a movie or listening to an Audio show. The music from Philanthropy is just as stunning as everything else about it. I absolutely love it.

So, even if you’re not a Metal Gear fan, check out MGS Philanthropy, and you’ll become one. It can be found at . The film can be downloaded or streamed from the site.


2. Blogging

I started this blog because I was bored, and because I needed to rant about how amazing Darker Projects is. I was hesitant to do so, because it seems like everyone and their mother has a blog these days. Well, now I’m certain of it: everyone is blogging. Even… wait for it…


Yes, the Pale Man of Portland has his own blog. Written by series creator Eric Busby from Byron’s perspective, the entries are sure to entertain fans of the show who, like me, go completely insane in between installments. There have been two posts so far, the first entertaining and the second a little darker… still, finding out that this existed made not only my day, but my entire week. If you’re a fan of The Byron Chronicles, then click the link for some epic. I really hope that this keeps going, since I like seeing what happens in between the actual episodes, if you know what I mean.

Byron’s Blog:


3. Behind the Scenes at Darker Projects

I found this strange little… series during the summer between the first and second seasons of The Byron Chronicles, which is when I basically went through and downloaded everything from the Darker Projects website and listened to it. Basically, each episode is a little one-sided interview of sorts with one of the dark all-powerful beings who make Darker Projects happen. Writers, actors, producers…  some are informative, all are entertaining, and the chance to take a peek at the men and women behind the curtain is intriguing. Now, if only they could turn down the background music a little bit… hm. There are currently thirteen episodes out, containing ‘interviews’ with: Judah Friese (Section 31, Lost Frontier), Elie Hirschman (Lost Frontier, et. al.), Mark Bruzee (The Byron Chronicles, ), Paul Mannering  (Author) , Alexander Davis, Fiona Conn (Doctor Who, The Byron Chronicles),  Shire Smith (The Byron Chronicles), David Ault (The Byron Chronicles, Doctor Who), Clym Angus (The Falcon Banner), Matt Manning, Chris Snyder (The Falcon Banner, The Section 31 Files), Laura Post (The Byron Chronicles, The Falcon Banner), Christopher Patrick Lydon, (Author of ‘The Falcon Banner’), Eric Busby, (Darker Projects creator) and others. If you want to take a behind-the-scenes look into the strange and mysterious inner workings of Darker Projects, then click the link –> and enjoy.


That’s all I’ve got for now. There were reviews I’m supposed to be doing… but this pesky thing known as life smacked me upside the head with a flyswatter and threatened to leave me and take the dog with it if I didn’t start paying more attention to it. I think it may have even started crying. I had to give in. I had to… but only temporarily!


Random Link : Look, DP stuff! Wearable DP stuff! For the win! But… where’s the shirt with the logo on it? I need a new one, as mine has fallen apart. Also: What about Section 31 and Byron shirts? I know I’d buy ’em…

“DP Day”

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I interrupt your scheduled review blog to bring you the following bulletin: Today, September 25th 2009, is my two-year anniversary as a rabid Darker Projects fangirl.

Even though I knew the day was sometime towards the end of September, I wasn’t entirely sure about the exact date. Well, I checked my old journal and realized that I’d only barely escaped missing the date.

According  to my half-legible scribbles, I downloaded the first three episodes of Doctor Who (that’d be the Grave White North storyline) after school on the 25th.  The next four words in the journal entry are very clear, because I wrote them in all caps and made them big and bold. They say, “I LOVE DARKER PROJECTS“. Then there’s three little hearts afterwards.

Well, it’s been two years, and that statement, little hearts included, is still true.

With the realization that today is my ‘DP Day’ comes the revelation that either tomorrow or the day after will mark the day I sat down in my wobbly bedroom chair one evening after school and listened to The Byron Chronicles for the first time. It also means that in a week or two, I’ll arrive at the anniversaries of listening to Autumn, Night Terrors, Dark Matter, and Five Minute Fears, followed by Alive Inside and The Falcon Banner towards the end of October/mid November. Finally, two months ago I started listening to The Section 31 Files and Lost Frontier, just as Doctor Who started up again…the whole thing has come full circle.

Many of the events in my life, both the significant and mundane, are now associated with Darker Projects. For instance, on opening night of Romeo and Juliet, the first play I was ever in, I spent my off-stage time curled up on a couch listening to Byron Episode 6. My Sundays consisted of camping out with munchies and a deck of cards and listening to whatever DP show happened to be on my playlist at the time.  Here’s a short selection from the rest of the list…

Car trip? Darker Projects.
 Bus Ride? Darker Projects.
Study Hall? Darker Projects.
Can’t sleep? Darker Projects.
Boring class? Darker Projects.
After taking the SAT, I came down with the flu. My DVD player was broken, I’d read every book I owned at least three times, and my iPod wouldn’t turn on. What was I to do? Well, thankfully I’d made CDs of all the Byron Chronicles episodes, and the next five days were spent in happy delirium. (The delirium was because of the fever, the happy was because of TBC. Just thought I should clear that up.)

Darker Projects even influenced my college-searching process. By college-searching, I mean that I went to google, typed in the words ‘college’, ‘Portland’, and ‘Oregon’, clicked the first thing that came up (University of Portland) and said “I’m going there.” Well, unfortunately, that didn’t work out, mostly due to the fact that I looked at the price tag and ran away screaming…

Last fall, I started telling pretty much everyone I knew about how great Darker Projects was. I emailed links to people, waved CDs in their face, held out headphones to them and growled “listen to this!” until they accepted and I could pour the brilliantness straight through their ears and into their brains.

Strangely enough, most of these people are still friends with me.

I suppose what I’m trying to get at is this:  Without Darker Projects, the last two years would have been very uneventful. It is unlikely that I would have started watching Doctor Who, which I’d never heard of before…I certainly wouldn’t have started watching Star Trek, (The Section 31 Files converted me…) I wouldn’t have discovered such amazing, wonderful things as The Leviathan Chronicles and the host of other podcasts I’m currently listening to, and above all else, I wouldn’t have started hyperventilating when I walked into English class and saw the words “Lord Byron” on the whiteboard. (Yes, I knew even then that there was another Lord Byron, but still. I couldn’t help it.) There’s so much I wouldn’t have experienced and so many people I never would have gotten to know if I hadn’t gone to the podcast section of the iTunes store one day on a whim and typed in the word ‘supernatural’.

So, thank you to everyone at Darker Projects. Thank you very, very much. DP is my most favorite thing in the world. I am your biggest fan…

…but you probably knew that already.

I do tend to say it on a daily basis, don’t I?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some reviews to write.


Next Up!

Saturday: Once Upon a Time in Vegas series review!

Sunday: Lost Frontier Episode 15 review!

Monday: Gaia’s Voyages Episode 5 review!

Sorry for the delays!


What’s Coming Up?

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After some shameless self-plugging, I ended up with a boatload of requests and recommendations from people who wanted me to check out their stuff.

About 10 new shows have been recommended to me, and I intend to listen to and review each of them… eventually. For the time being, here’s my tentative list of upcoming show reviews. If you asked me for a review or recommended your show to me and it isn’t on the list below,  it’s only because I’m tackling them in the order that they were sent to me. I’ll get to them all, I promise.

Currently, I am working on reviews for Gaia’s Voyages (BSAP) and then, I’m moving to Once Upon A Time in Vegas (Pendant).

After that, in this order, are:

19 Nocturne Boulevard, selected episodes.

Twin Stars (KFAT)

The X-Files (BSAP)

Age of the Zombies (Necropolis Studios)

I’m going to post links to the shows listed above, as soon as I dig ’em out from the twisted mess that is my bookmark list.

Thank you to everyone who made suggestions, sent me links, and did some shameless self-plugging of their own. Please return the favor and spread the word about Leviathan Dances itself. Because, as you know, shameless self-plugging only goes so far…


“From here to the eyes and ears of the ‘verse, that’s my motto. Or, it will be, if I ever start having a motto.” –Mr. Universe (Serenity)

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files Review… Part 2 AKA Daleks and Cybermen and Borg, Oh My!

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Star Trek: The Section 31 Files …Part 2!
 AKA: Daleks and Cybermen and Borg, Oh My! 

I’m going to say something now that I never thought I’d say. This is very hard for me to do, and goes against everything I believe in. I’m advising you not to listen to the third season of The Section 31 Files, if you haven’t already. Why? I’ll explain.

The story from Season 1, Episode 1 onwards has been about the disruption of the timeline, and the Destroyer. It was absolutely brilliant, and its conclusion did it justice. The myriad of tangled plot threads finally came together into one great big tapestry of epic. Season 2 wrapped the series up beautifully, and by beautifully, I mean I actually started crying when Bishop died. (Best. Last words. Ever.) Everything was tied off in a nice, neat, head-spinningly epic two-part finale, and the story could and perhaps should have ended there.

Now, don’t get me wrong: the first three episodes of Season 3 are brilliant. (Escape from Rura Penthe Parts 1, 2, and 3.) They give a little more backstory on Mak; Apparently bad things happen whenever he tries to retire and live the quiet life: Most recently, it ended with his assassination. Before that, he got stuck on a planet full of criminals and mutant cannibals, and before that…there was Rura Penthe. Those three episodes are great. The rest of the season kind of goes downhill…and I’m not the only one who’ll admit it.

Usually, in any medium, when the Daleks show up, things start getting good. Not here. Any other day, a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover would have sent me into spasms of joy; I might even have had a seizure and ended up in the hospital. Maybe that still would have happened if Season 3 hadn’t been spoilered for me by an extremely heartless person, but then again, maybe not. Sure, the thought of the Borg  in hand-to-plunger combat with Daleks is pretty epic…but after the amazing conclusion of the storyline back in Season 2, it just seems superfluous.

So, in conclusion, the Section 31 Files takes its well-earned place among the ranks of the few things to make me cry. (The others are: the Doctor Who season 2 finale, the Torchwood season 2 finale, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. (I was two! The Queen was scary, all right?) It is one of the best shows Darker Projects has to offer…right up until Season Three, Episode 4. Listen if you want to, but for the best experience possible, end the show with ‘Hour Of Judgement, Part 2′, or maybe ‘Escape from Rura Penthe, Part 3′, if like me you’re a fan of Takila Mak.

You know, everyone makes mistakes, sometimes:

Steven Sommers made The Mummy 3: Look! Jet Li!

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas made Indana Jones & The Kingdom of the Blatant Stargate Palagarism.

Chris Carter made The X-Files: I Want To Disappoint My Fans.

Fox canceled Firefly.

Eric Busby made four Section 31 episodes too many.

Let me quickly clarify.

There is one huge difference between Section 31 and the aforementioned abominations: Season 3 really isn’t all that bad. I actually sort of liked it, because, come on: It’s a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover. What’s not to like? Borg, Cybermen, Daleks…Bishop. The only problem is that it seems a bit unnecessary, and takes away from the genius, epic, utterly brilliant, tear-enducing Season 2 Finale. Other than the ‘Rura Penthe’ story, I’d say, if you absolutely love the Section 31 Files…come back to it later, after the epic feeling that comes from listning to the Season 2 finale has worn off a little bit and you’re not making comparisons.


Listen to Escape from Rura Penthe, which is brilliant, has one of my favorite Darker Projects quotes of all time (The O.S.H.A. bit), and includes a hilarious Men In Black II reference:


NOTE: A big, huge thank you to  the people who’ve been reading this blog… especially the ones from Darker Projects itself! This started out as something to relieve boredom and has now become something that other people enjoy! It really is an honor.

Just for the record, I intend to write a review for each new episode of each new show that comes out, as well as going back and doing series reviews for discontinued shows such as The Falcon Banner, Generation 1, Sword of Windsor, etc, as well as any other shows that get less ‘traffic’. Hopefully, I’ll eventually review everything… (You can imagine an evil laugh there, if you’d like…)

Hello, Goodmorning, Have Some Coffee…

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Bonjour! Welcome to Leviathan Dances, an unofficial blog about the amazing-ness of Darker Projects.

(That’s , for those of you who have not yet been introduced. Go on over and say ‘hi’! They don’t bite. Usually.)

Here, you will find reviews, reccomendations, and rants regarding (wow, that’s a lot of r-words) the high-quality science-fiction Audio Drama produced by the nice people over at DP.

Welcome…to the Dark Side.